Eggs Craft

An innovative 3-in-row game with some additions in game play. The game consists of 50 levels that's are absolutly free. You have an opportunity to switch between two game modes.Funny monsters will follow you on all game levels. Eggs Craft has lots of interesting game play features and will bring you hours of pleasure.


Mad Blocks

Create your own unique figures, choose different patterns. Choose among 3 different modes, track block's position with special line marker. Lots of levels with different complexity. Mad Blocks is a well-known Tetris like game but just better.


Galaxy Wars

Universe is under attack. As a hero you were sent on the battle against the invaders. Your spaceship is equipped with the best weapon. Killing and destroying enemies you can find different types of extraterrestrial offensive and defensive armory.


Space Blockade

Evil Super-Brain try to take control over the Earth! So who's gonna help the humankind and confront evil invaders? Little brave Rocket is here to save the day!



You should try it.Xontrix is the best game on your phone.Fill a certain percent of the game field by Xontrix. Pretty good game play, amazing levels, big amount of bonuses.


Plane in Storm

Are you scared of flying in a bad weather? Plane in Storm will show your skill in plane controling. Endless flying mode for the flight masters. Save people in a storm, escape clouds, collect stars and use bonuses in Plane in Storm.


Monkey Pilot

Who is waiting for you on the other side of the Earth? As a pilot you have an opportunity to travel around the world on the plane and answer this question yourself. Don't waste time adventures are waiting for you. Fill the tanks and begin your world trip.



LodeRunner is the revival of the well-known old-school game. Now you need to exlplore an ancient underworld. There are lots of secrets in the catacombs. An ancient civilization left some gold and jewels. As a Treasure Hunter you need to collect all the gold and treasure. But be careful! Aborigines alive.


Wooly Shooter

Mammoth's time now on your screens. See the diversity of it's defunct species. Lovely colours, enigmatic levels. Wooly Shooter will give you hours of enjoyment and relax.


Lost Panda

Funny running game with Panda. Panda need some help in that risky trip through the wood. Your main target - find lost baby in a dangerous wood. Lots of enemies, big variety of obstacles, countless bonuses.