“When the past no longer illuminates the future, the spirit walks in darkness” - Alexis de Tocqueville.

Nobody knows what mysterious and invisible dark creatures are hiding in the corners of our dreams.
We believe that no one of those creatures will appear in our real life. But sometimes our mind plays with us. We cannot understand where the line between our imagination and reality is.

The past of the main heroine is wrapped in mystery. She wakes up to face horrible things and to understand what happened to her. She walks in the darkness of her mind to find the answer. She is scared and afraid of everything. But the only way to shed the light on the truth is to open the door to the darkness...

Together with the main character you will be able to feel real emotions: fear of the unknown, confusion, melancholy, sympathy and joy.
You will overcome different types of difficulties: dangerous rats, crashing roofs and floors, dark rooms, precipices with deep water and other obstacles. You will become brave with the main heroin little by little.

The Coma is an atmospheric puzzling platformer full of mystery, suspense and thrilling elements.
- Exciting story line;
- Charming and dynamic main character;
- Different locations with plenty of enemies and obstacles;
- Special atmosphere created with the help of original music and design;
- Good technical and graphic realization;
- Plenty of brain-teasers and unexpected twists.

Just like parents raise their child protectively, we have created the idea and the main heroine of Coma with love and care. We raised her with solicitude, worried about her feelings and future.
It’s all done with the one reason - to bring in your lives a great game with the character that can get your soul possible to feel real emotions.