Fish Rumble

Fish Rumble is a game with the cheerful atmosphere, humor and funny characters. This is the story of stolen sausages, broken hopes, bad birds and fish revenge.

- Several locations with about 60 different levels - all free;
- Big fat Bird-boss at the end of each location;
- Unique weapons store: choose your weapon and put it in the cells;
- Plenty of cool fish with awesome skills: punk fish, goldfish, puffer, big fish, fire fish;
- Super facilities: cold snap, magnet, revolver, shotgun, uzi, commandos rush, bomb;
- Birds enemies with different characteristics;
- Variety of bonuses and gifts;
- Dangerous and explosive moments.

It was a sunny day. Cute piranhas were going to have their tasty meat. But they were late. Bad birds stole all their food and fly away. Fish were furious. They want revenge! Control hungry and angry fish and eat bad birds.