Bank Rush

Bank rush - is your crime story.
Do you feel the potential of the elusive robber? You think that you can escape from the prison, rob banks and join mafia. Then it's your turn to make a crime story. The way to freedom is not easy and you need to escape police and use special abilities to run to the island with money. Your mafia partner will help you to run away.

Bank Rush is another view on running games.

Main game features:
- A charismatic criminal protagonist.
- 2 game modes: Escape, Survival.
- Game bonuses: Cash, Dynamite, Rocket, Steel Bubble, Glider, Pelican, Catapult.
- Lots of different types of upgrades: Strong Rope, Earth Resistance, Enemy Resistance, Longer Boost, Boost Power, Combo Strength, Wall Resistance, Rocky Head.
- Super Boots that allow a character to fly and run faster and higher.
- Several types of enemies and obstacles to escape: Civilians, Police, Balloons, Birds, Walls, Hole.
- Daily Bonus.
- Wide game shop: Helmets, Police Uniform, Anti-Pit, Anti-Cripple, Unlimited Speed and one secret item.
- Board of achievements.
- Responsive controls.
- A unique graphic design.

Start your crime story, your mafia friends are waiting for you on a safe island. Your escape will full of unexpected obstacles. Run away as far as you can. Your prison break will be a legend and you will be the coolest gangster in the crime world.
Bank Rush will bring you hours of exciting and extreme game play.

Don't waste time - join mafia and make exemplary prison break.